Média a technika…20.-24.2.2023 B

24. 2. 2023 | Kronika - Bohnice


In this very busy week our children learnt a lot about Mardi Gras ( Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day, Carnival ). They watched a few videos from our country as well as  from the world. To enjoy the party day even more, they leant a new song/dance called Conga dance : https://youtu.be/8pIxNjE83qI

Later on we focused on technologies. The kids tried to say which machine in the picture is old and which one is new ( i.e. a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, a telephone…). Check out the Banana phone song and the Sesame street video : https://youtu.be/j5C6X9vOEkUhttps://youtu.be/x4_ZVWUot2A

In the end, they worked in pairs and tried to draw a picture of something old/new. 


Preschool preparation

At first we went on practicing the numbers and the symbols for : greater than, less than, equal ( crocodile mouth ). We did a worksheet too. Afterwards, we did a listening comprehension exercise with clapping and repeating. We read a story as well and tried to retell it ( The musicians of Bremen ).

In the end, we focused on shapes and colours. Plus, we practiced „I have a dishwasher at home, but I don’t have a robotic vacuum cleaner“ etc. 

Rytmika, tanečky, dramaťák: finišujeme přípravy na průvod.

Tvoření: u krásných fotek jsme rekapitulovali zážitky z dopoledního Masopustu.

Sportovní klub: poprvé jsme letos sportovali na zahradě  a byla to paráda! 

Muzicírování: povídali jsme si o hudebních klipech a jeden jsme i natočili 😎.



In the first half of the week there was a lot going on! We started off with „Masopust“.

Everyone had their own mask in which we went out and sang. 

In the nearby shop they heard us caroling and gave us some delicious donuts. 

The next day we had a great program for all the kids from the Prague Planetarium.

Froggies and Dolphins now know a lot about solar system and planets in it. 

Later on we talked about technology and media.

Check out „The Technology Song“ we listened to:


One of our friends even brought a little camera in the class and we could try to take some photos. 

At the end of the week the Froggies crafted „a facebook wall“ with their names on it. 

Dramatizace, tanečky, rytmika: Přípravy masopustu jsou v plném proudu, dokončujeme masky a pějeme písně.

Tvoření: Vyráběli jsme ptáky jarabáky z příze a kartonu, s nožkama z klacíků.

Sportovní klub: Zahráli jsme si na roboty a operátory a zkusili si navigaci po slepu.

Muzicírování: Posloucháme a hádáme zvuky předmětů kolem nás.